Future proofing
with 'The Security Intelligence People.'

Jason Kloss approached Studio Mondu with an innovative business concept aimed at bridging the gap between security services and software solutions. SoloSquid would offer intelligent security system optimization and maintenance services to both enterprise businesses and software solution companies. Our task was to develop a brand that could infiltrate the industry in an accessible and inviting manner for its uninitiated audience. SoloSquid was named as a security solutions agency that propels businesses into uncharted realms of possibilities beyond the lens. The brand's new tech vibe infuses a fresh outlook in a conventional space, delivering a streamlined message that resonates unequivocally.

Four black arrows that makes a squid icon
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Web Design
Print Collateral
Solosquid logo on purple background with a photo of a crowd of people walking in the mall with a camera lens square over two people on the right. The Security Intelligence People.
Your complete connection to the world of intelligent security technologies - simplified. Icon of eye with an arrow pointing up and a check mark to the side.
Blue gradient and key line icons with neon green icons
Wooden pantry with jars of spices and white cookbook placed on top with antique tea pot
Modern black outline food icons for cookbook
Real food. Real People. Real Healthy. with outline illustration of tattooed hand pointing right
Top view of white hard cover cookbook with logo on it with bowls of chili beside it
Multiple pages of the Solosquid brand guidelines
Modern black outline food icons for cookbook
A collection on neon icons in a pixelate style.
Cookbook inside layout design for the icon guide
Three photo mockups of the SoloSquid website design.Work with Us