Designing a new vision into modern eye care

Dr. Christina Chan came to us with a vision for Komoka Optometry to set the bar for modern eye care. This isn't an average visit to see the doctor, it’s an elevated experience everyone can enjoy. Studio Mondu created a brand for Komoka Optometry that features friendly faces first, setting the scene for this welcoming brand that focuses on community, service and style. The result is a well thought out brand that truly reflects the vision Dr. Chan brings to creating a new experience in patient–care down–to–every–detail.

Photography by: Monique Weindels

Komoka Optometry
Komoka Optometry Logo Icon
Brand Identity
Web Design
Social Media Plan
Print Collateral
Optometry business card design. Black business card with gold foil logo
Eye icon with Exceptional Eye Care, Latest Eye Wear messaging
Komoka Optometry gold logo
Komoka optometry white and black stationery design with palm tree leaf
Gold outlined icons for Optometry clinic
Komoka Optometry campaign tagline Eye care, for Komoka. Woman with sunglasses in forest with branded gold icon around her face
GIF feature smiling faces with glasses on and optometry icons
Komoka Optometry website design
Portrait of Optometrist and business owner
Interior design for Komoka Optometry featuring black wall with gold logo signage
Komoka Optometry wall sign design on black wall
Gold decal of eye icon for Komoka Optometry