Closing the loop for a better future

Studio Mondu helped Convertus Group tell the story of their one-of-a kind “closed loop” model of recycling organic waste (previously destined for the landfill). The ambitious organisation is focused on providing tailored solutions to municipalities to make the most of their recycling efforts by giving spent resources new life. Studio Mondu developed a new brand, website design and marketing materials in collaboration with Robin Honey, the brand consultant. With continual waste and our depleting earth at the root of the cause, the brand stays positive providing a solution-driven approach to an overwhelming subject that inspires a bright future. Our design and brand messaging celebrate the beauty of our planet, featuring a vibrant logo that suggests continual motion forward with infinite possibilities.

Convertus Logo Icon
What we did:
Brand Identity
Web Design
Print Collateral
Interior/Exterior Signage
Convertus Group tagline "Closing the loop for a better future" with aerial view of forest behind.
Top view of ocean water
Colour palette of vibrant greens and blues
Business card design with forest and water image, logo and tagline sitting in mossHiker wearing a Convertus shirtLine illustration of factory with an excavator outside
Website pages side by side
Potted plant with pencil
Six steps of a process
Convertus icons with water background
Three screens of mobile website on top of forest scene.